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Shop Direct and Support Our Local Florists!

List your Flower Shop and Boost your Direct Orders

With over 12,800 members in 62 countries worldwide, Florist Exchange is the perfect way to boost your orders. Established in 2007, we're passionate about florists, which is why we created our simple to use local florist directory, making is easy for florists, customers and businesses to send and receive flowers direct.

We're different from traditional flower services as we don't offer a relay service or charge a fee for orders passed between our listed florists, which means you get 100% of the order value and the customer typically receives up to 45% better value on their order.

Instead, we focus on listing quality rated local florists and promote your services to a worldwide audience of florists and gift buyers.

With no contracts, no obligations and no commission fees in sight, we're the only service of its kind that works to bring you more direct orders, without locking you into having to do things our way.

You retain full independence as a florist, and benefit from greater online visibility and more direct customer orders from other members and visitors to the site. Plus, if you have existing relay affiliations, we'll display these alongside your profile listing in the directory.

Whether you choose to use Florist Exchange to send your flower orders or simply as a way to get the word out about the fantastic work you do is entirely up to you, this does not conflict with and other networks you may be a member of.

However, if you're not listed on our website and app, you could be missing out on potential new orders.

Get the App

Connect with local florists on the go

Download our florist app for your smartphone and connect with local florists the world over, at the touch of a button.

Browse thousands of florists and view galleries, post to social media and leave reviews all from one convenient place.

Research shows that the number of customers that still use relay companies and supermarkets over local florists is decreasing at a rapid rate. For the first time ever last year more people used a smartphone or tablet device to shop rather than a laptop or computer. With Apps and social media now taking a firm grip it's never been easier to shop direct. This is great news for the florist industry, research shows that customers that shop direct are fed up with being short changed on value and lack of a personal service that only genuine local high street florists can provide. Many local flower shops are missing out on this valuable new business.

We developed our florist app and website network because of this growing trend among Internet users and to make it more convenient to shop for flowers on the go.

It's the perfect way to browse local florists at the touch of a button and have our full database of listed members at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it.

Our app is used by private customers and florists alike and is free to download and use.

To get the app for your device, visit our download centre now!

Florist Profiles

All our information is accessible in on place via an easy website search or the smartphone app.

Every florist listed is a genuine local florist in its physical location.

We never list order gatherers or online companies, so you will only ever be dealing direct with a high street florist through our pages.

View opening times, delivery areas, local delivery costs, social media links and more all from one convenient online search.

With constantly updated information, you'll be in safe hands and customers can see you information at a glance.

We even offer Florist Choice Shop Now eCommerce shopping cart solutions for each listed florist,so customers can see images of your actual work and buy instantly, making the ordering process a breeze.

Church Street Independent Florists CT10

We use Florist Exchange to boost our orders and connect with local florists worldwide.

Independent florists use our comprehensive directory to search for and place orders with genuine, local florists at the touch of a button.

There's no risk such as with a blind Internet search or risking your money with Google suggestions.

Each one of our florists carries the Florist Exchange seal of approval and all paid member profiles offer a fully featured shopping cart, so you can place your orders direct with the actual florist you see on the page.

Don't risk sending your customers to a relay florist down the street, where you may very well lose them when you can easily offer them a quality service, all from within the comfort of your own shop.

Don't have time to place the order yourself? Take advantage of our cards stands! we now have over 500 florists that are happy to let their customers shop direct without any fuss, so you can offer an extra level of service which any risk. your customers will thank you for this.

Already With A Relay / Wire Service?

Use Florist Exchange to increase your profit margins and find florists in areas where our network has no coverage or your existing network is to expensive.

We offer a fantastic support network, so you'll always find a florist who can hand deliver for your customer, no matter which area you need to send flowers to.

Plus, with up to 45% better value on flowers and no hidden charges or relay fees, any orders sent to you direct from a participating florist will be a welcome sight.

And, as all of our orders come direct from genuine customers, there's no competition with the relay companies, just extra profit for your pocket.

Florist Exchange makes your shop easier to find for customers the world over and with a decline in people using the relay networks, it's a sure way to stand out from the surrounding florists in your area.

Daffodil's Florist Exmouth EX8

We don't offer a relay service but use the free Florist Exchange card stand! and refer our customers to Florist Exchange for a free, direct to florist service, our customers love this service!

Some florists don't feel comfortable offering a relay service to their customers.

However, rather than lose their customers to a competitor, florists can use our free card stands to allow those customers direct access to our network of over 12,800 florists.

Take a card stand and window sticker for your shop and discover a better way to help your customers get the value and service they deserve.

Simply pass your customer a card and they'll be assured unparalleled value on flower delivery using our website or app.

Moreover, as a Florist Exchange member you will be eligible to receive direct orders from customers and florists worldwide.

24-hour Online Shopping

Affordable Website That Works For You! with our website and membership package!

Need an affordable Website with no monthly fees? Or just want to lower the running costs of your existing site?

We are constantly shocked to hear from florists that are paying expensive monthly fees for a basic website that is not mobile friendly and does not even have the option to shop online. All our membership levels come with the option to add a brand new website with no monthly charges!

Our Bright and Bold plans come with social media marketing as standard, giving you more reach and exposure to your florist.

Your florist will also benefit from a top page ranking for the keywords in your profile, giving you more traffic and visibility online.

Plus, for those florists with social media profiles but no means to sell flowers through their website, we offer a fully featured shopping cart, accessible from any florist profile, making it easy for anyone to place orders with your florist around the clock.

This system is trusted by florists the world over and is used daily by customers to place their orders.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you've been on the fence lately about joining Florist Exchange, then you won't want to miss our incredible satisfaction guarantee

This is open to all new registrations and offers unbeatable value on your profile listing.

With the busy period of the year coming into view, it's a great time for new florists to get established.

With our satisfaction guarantee, if you've had less than 50 users visit your profile within one year, we'll extend your membership for a second year, free of charge!

We're confident our plans offer fantastic value for all florists and that's why we are happy to offer this extremely low risk option for those who may have been undecided about joining in the past.

With this guarantee, your listing will remain secure for a second year, giving you the opportunity to increase your orders and remain visible in the directory to customers wishing to send flowers in your immediate delivery area.

Florists can also use our pay monthly option to help spread the cost over a 12 month period. Simply enter "PAY MONTHLY" in the offer code box at checkout to use this option.

Please note this offer excludes new websites.

As a member you can receive orders from Florist Exchange in a number of ways. Firstly, direct from customers and florists that have visited your online profile and revealed your contact details. These customers will often pay direct over the phone or they may have been referred by one of our card stands from a participating florist.

The same also applies to the Florist Exchange app, so please remember to view your live data stats in the florist area to see data tracking on your profiles performance to see where your orders are coming from. We also have florists and customers contact us direct for nearby florists which we offer as a free service and will put customers in touch with you direct when asked.

Orders may also arrive from the online shopping cart system which can be found on the member profile pages. (shopping cart orders are also confirmed by phone)

How Do I Send Orders?

You can collect the order details direct from your customers, taking a service and delivery charge or use the smartphone app or website to find the nearest florist and place your order with them direct. Alternatively, you can search, entering the first part of the postcode, eg SW1 and contact the florist direct using the contact details provided or use the online profile shopping cart for the florist nearest to that delivery area.

If you'd rather not be involved with sending flowers yourself, you can contact us at the call centre or take one of our free card stand and pass the responsibility back to the customer to choose their own florist.

Where Do My Orders Come From?

Orders will come from users of the website or app and will arrive from florists, businesses and private customers.

Card stands, window stickers and social media searches will all contribute to the amount of orders your florist receives through the system.

All florist statistics are tracked from our system and can be viewed by logging into your profile on the site with the username and password given to you on registration.

We'll also send out a quarterly email, updating you with any recent activity on your profile, including profile views and clicks to your website.

What Florists Are Saying

I'm very pleased with the service and I regularly receive orders from other Florist Exchange members. – Elaine, The Flower Lady, SE24

The app and website is very easy to use, and I always find fantastic service from the other florists I speak to. – Alison Bird, Jonquil, Dunstable, LU6

Always friendly and helpful, all florists that are recommended by Florist Exchange are extremely helpful and deliver great service with no hassle on transactions. – Kelly, Church Street Florist, CT10 2TT

Download the App Today

Our Membership Plans

Our florist directory and mobile app is a free service for any florist wishing to send flowers direct to a florist, without paying any relay / wire charges or with any other hidden charges.

Enjoy more direct orders to your florist and make sure your customers get better value for money by listing your florist today.

With one of the best value pricing models of any comparable service, our membership plans are designed to give you the flexibility and freedom to manage your listing the way you want to. Choose from the light, bright and bold plans to gain more direct orders to your florists today.

Each plan has been developed with a host of features to support your florist. All plans come with the following benefits as standard:

  • Full profile listing on
  • Address and geo location map
  • Direct link to your website
  • Direct phone number
  • Email link
  • Florist description
  • Social media profiles
  • Opening hours
  • Relay affiliations
  • Local time converter
  • Gallery
  • Shopping Cart
  • Minimum order value
  • Delivery charges and currency converter
  • Products and gifts
  • qualifications and affiliations
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Florist rating and feedback
  • Inclusion in our florist app

Membership plans are available as a once yearly payment or in installments of 12 monthly payments. To spread the cost of your payments, simply enter the offer code PAYMONTHLY at checkout.


Full profile on our website and smartphone app. Benefits include geo mapping, galleries, direct dial numbers, direct web site links, call centre support, florist rating and feedback, Tweet, Like, and Share links, 6-item florist choice BUY NOW shopping cart, Google ranked profile.

OR £35 & then £7.50 per month



All the light benefits plus: quarterly feature media marketing with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Larger 12-item florist choice BUY NOW shopping cart, preferential selection when florists and customer call Florist Exchange helpline.

OR £65 & then £12.50 per month



All the bright benefits plus: bold 120x600 ad banner on in all your delivery areas, preferential selection when customers call Florist Exchange helpline. Boost your business with a 5-page website with shopping cart. Includes free domain name, hosting and annual SSL certificate.

OR £100 & then £20 per month


*Annual payments are due for renewal every 12 months. Monthly payments plans are payable each calendar month billable from the initial date of purchase and each subsequent month on the same date thereafter. No other fees or charges apply. Minimum 12 month payment term applies, and then just a 30 day notice applies. Payments are taken from registered card details.

Alternatively, you can call one of the team on 44 (0) 1903 223356 and we'll help you identify which plan is best for you. You can also get in touch with us via email at