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About Florist Exchange

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Established in 2006, Florist Exchange has quickly become one of the world's largest and most popular florist directories.

We pride ourselves on being innovative – possessing a concept and service which benefits both florists and consumers alike all over the world.

The concept behind Florist Exchange is simple. We enable the customer to contact local florists directly while giving florists greater exposure and visibility to customers across the globe.

By using Florist Exchange, consumers can find and contact the local florist in the area where they are buying or sending flowers. Through this, flower design and arrangement can be customised according to the local florist.

Using a local florist also guarantees that florist with 100% of the order money, and so helps to contribute to a better quality of service and value-for-money.

Direct To Florist

Florists stand to benefit from a direct relationship with their customers in that they are not committed to a fixed relay fee and are able to deliver a much more personal touch to their service.

With Florist Exchange the emphasis is on contacting the florist direct. The local florist is then perfectly placed to receive and process your order and complete the delivery. This stands in contrast to using an internet or relay company that frequently act as order gatherers in a number of areas and may take a share of the order value.

When ordering from an internet or relay company many people are unaware of the hidden costs and charges that can result from using their services. In most all cases the relay charge remains undisclosed from the customer who could have enjoyed greater value from going direct to the independent local florist.

Research shows that relay companies take a considerable percentage of the order to fund their running costs and maintain high profit margins. A share of this money is held back from the florist who actually fulfills the order. Moreover, the florist will often have to wait 30 to 60 days to receive payment from the relay company.

Increased Value

When you order direct to a florist listed with Florist Exchange, the disadvantages experienced through using a relay company cease to be a factor. Each time you send flowers the florist receives the full value of the order money, resulting in greater value for the customer and with no middlemen to relay the order the florist receives their money straight away.

As there is no longer the concern of the relay company taking a share of the profits the customer saves money on their flowers while seeing increased value.

There's also the added advantage with Florist Exchange that the pictures you see are uploaded personally from the local florists themselves, so the images on the page are fully representative of the individual florist's actual work. We believe this to be a unique selling point and one which favours the customer and florist equally.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Florist Exchange we guarantee that all our florists are 100% local and direct. Under no circumstance will we allow order gatherers or relay companies to pose as florists in your area or secure a listing within our pages. All our florists are handpicked and vetted by us personally so you can rest assured you are dealing with a legitimate and independent local florist when using Florist Exchange.

Are you looking to contact local florist in your area? With Florist Exchange it couldn't be easier, simpler enter your details in the search box, browse the results and contact the florist direct!

If you are a florist and are looking for more information of how Florist Exchange can benefit your business please visit our information page for more info.